How To Post Lafkar Products On Facebook Marketplace To Resell For Profits

How To Post Lafkar Products On Facebook Marketplace To Resell For Profits

Lafkar is one the largest social commerce and reselling network in Pakistan to Resell For Profits. we are manufacturer of Pure Cow Leather Handmade Shoes For MEN and also dealing in other 11 main categories to serve resellers so they can easily Sell Our Products Online from anywhere to everywhere in Pakistan without investment.

Today we will learn that How To Post Lafkar Products On Facebook Marketplace To Resell For Profits.

1. FB Marketplace Option in Facebook.

Open Your Facebook Account And Found FB Marketplace Option As Shown in Red Circle. Once Found Click On The Icon.

2. Sell Option in Facebook Marketplace.

When The Marketplace Will Be Opened, You Have To Found “Sell” Option Under The Marketplace As Shown in Red Circle. Once Found Click On Sell.

3. “Item” Under Create New Listing.

When You Click On Sell, A Popup Will Be Open In Footer Having 3 Options .i.e. Items, Vehicles And Homes For Sale And Rent. Here You Have To Click On Items.

4. New Listing Form To Create Listing.

After Click On Items, A New Listing Form Will Be Open As Shown Below.

Now You Have To Fill New Listing Form With Following Options And Procedures:

(a) Add Photos – Take Screenshots Of The Product Images From Lafkar App And Crop Sides For Original Look And Add Photos From Gallery. You Can Upload One To Ten Photos Of Product.

(b) Title – Copy Product Title Of Same Product From Lafkar App And Paste In Title Section.

(c) Price – Check The Same Product Price, Set Profits And Write The Price Or Write Rs. 1 Only To Keep Prices Confidential And Tell Price To Customers When They Ask.

Important Note Regarding Price:-

(For Example If The Price In Lafkar App Is Rs. 2,000/- And You Think Rs. 400/- Should Be Profit Amount, Then Set The Price As Rs. 2,400/- And Demand Rs. 100/- Shipping Cost Additionally, If You Offer Free Shipping In A Case, The Shipping Charges May Be Deducted From Your Profit Amount)

(d) Category – In Most Cases Facebook Marketplace Set Category Automatically By Reading Your Title, However If Not Selected Automatically Or If You Want To Change, You Can Do So By Clicking On Category.

(e) Condition – Click on Condition And Select “New” As We Are Selling New Products Only.

(f) Description – Copy The Same Product Description From Lafkar App And Paste In Description Section For Ease Of Customer To Understand.

Location – You Will Found The Location By Default However You Can Change City By Clicking “Edit” But Change Of Location Is Not A Good Recipe.

Hide From Friends – You Can On Or Off This Option. However It Is Suggested To Don’t Hide From Friends And Keep This Option As Is.

List In More Places – This Option Is Very Important To Boost Your Listing. Just Click And List Into 20 Groups Maximum. If Groups Not Found, Its Mean That You Don’t Have Join “Buy Sell Groups” So You Have To Join These Groups Also.

Additional Listing Options – This Option Is Mostly Used For Tags, Offer Shipping And List Product As “Single Item” Or As “In Stock”. Click And Follow The Procedures As Follow:

(a) Tags – Write Some Tags .i.e. Men Shoes, Leather Shoes, Handmade Shoes, Party Shoes, Office Shoes or Other Words As Per Product.

(b) SKU – This Is Not Mandatory For You.

(c) Availability – Select List As In Stock Instead Of List As Single Item.

(d) Offer Shipping – On This Option Or Not. Its Not Mandatory.

Now All Done! Just Click On Next And Publish. Your Product Will Be Reviewed By Facebook Team And It Will Be Live After A Couple Of Hours.

Important Note:

If You Are New, Facebook Allow Only One Product To List Per Day. Your Quota May Increase Day By Day Depending On Your Performance.

*Thanks For Reading, Best Of Luck And Stay Blessed*

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